Why Outside?

Reasons for Playing Outside - Surprising

This article was written by Claire McCarthy, MD, Faculty Editor, Harvard Health Publishing. She gives you several things you can do to help you child's future health and success. The bottom line on all these blogs or articles is that there are greater benefits to your children to playing outside than simply getting exercise.

Benefits of Playing Outside

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This article was written by Danae Lund PhD, LP who specializes in child and adolescent behavioral health, including psychological and developmental testing. She looks at the five top benefits of children playing outside. A very interesting article that is brief, but packed with good information.

"Free Play" Can Define Your Child's Success

This was written by Katrina Schwartz who evaluates pediatrician, Dr. Kenneth Ginsburg's thesis which, as mentioned, is the core of his book "Building Resilience in Children and Teens." This article breaks down our own evaluative process of how we measure success in our kids and how "free play" can define how your child succeeds. There are some really great ideas here.

Why Play Outside?

Most of us think that taking our kids to the park to play is a way to keep them busy or occupy their time. What if it was much more important than that? What if "playtime" was actually physically educating or training the brain to be a more creative, balance adult? If you'd like to learn more, take a look at any or all of the articles below. It may surprise you as to what some of the experts have to say on the subject. It may just make you want to bolt out the door and go to park.