The Stanford Mausoleum is where Leland, Jane, and Leland Stanford Jr. are buried within the Stanford University Arboretum. This can be found on a short walk from Palm Drive, or Campus Drive.  The Stanford family’s original intent was to have a mansion built here however plans changed when their son passed away. The Stanford University was built in his honor instead.  The tomb was completed in 1889 made of granite and marble adorned with four sphinxes. A short walk over is the Angel of Grief which was placed for Jane Stanford’s younger brother who passed away. The Mausoleum is a large part of Stanford University’s history and should be seen. For more information about the Stanford Mausoleum click HERE!

  • Cost: Free
  • Parking: Short walk away
  • Dog Friendly: yes
  • Shaded: Somewhat
  • Bathrooms: No