Magical Bridge Playground located in Mitchell Park at 600 E Meadow Dr, Palo Alto, CA 94306. This park was built in 2015 and is an all inclusive park. It was designed with children of all backgrounds and abilities in mind. It addresses people with autism, sensory challenges, visual and audio impairment, and physical disabilities. There is a merry-go-round that is wheelchair accessible. This park has a musical area where sensors pick up people walking by and then plays music! There are 3 large and fast slides.  There is an area of the park made for infants and young children. There are lots of shaded areas for parents to sit. Magical Bridge sees approximately 25,000 visitors per month. You don’t need to be a Palo Alto resident to enjoy the park!  For more information on this terrific park, click HERE to learn more!

  • Cost: Free
  • Dog Friendly: Dog park next to playground
  • Shaded: Mostly in the morning
  • Parking: Large Lot