Hidden Villa is located at  a non profit educational farm spanning over 1600 acres.  The farm offers responsible agriculture and experiential education programs. School groups, corporate events, individually and family groups as well as summer camps are all welcomed here. This is a fantastic place to bring your children so they can learn compassion for animals, take part in gardening, walk the trails while having an understanding for life outside of themselves.  When you arrive here there is a place where you can get a farm map, this was very useful for us navigating the land. At this farm there are sheep, pigs, goats, cattle, and free range chickens. There are shaded picnic areas so bring your lunch and make a day out of this trip!  For more information on Hidden Villa click HERE!

  • Cost: $10 parking entrance fee
  • Dog Friendly: Yes, dogs are allowed but not within the animal pens or on hiking trails. Must be leashed at all times.
  • Bathrooms: Yes
  • Shaded: Areas of sun and shade
  • Parking: Large parking lot – dusty, not paved.