CuriOdyssey IlluminOdyssey is inside of the CuriOdyssey Science Playground and Zoo located at  This contains many science and light related activities for children.  This is a dark room illuminated by black lights, projections on walls, blown up figures with lights in them. Each child will receive a light bucket to carry around as they venture through the room. The illuminodyssey is open from November 9th 2019- January 5, 2020 10am-4pm and 8pm on 12/6 and 1/3. For more information on Curiodyssey’s IlluminOdyssey click HERE!

  • Cost: Please see website for updated prices
  • Dog Friendly: No pets allowed
  • Parking: $6 parking fee for entrance to the park (unless you qualify for low income membership parking will be free.)