Christie Park is located at 6200 Christie Ave, Emeryville, CA. This playground is built and designed by Monstrum Playgrounds, based in Denmark. This is an amazing playground company! Not only are their playgrounds breathtaking but they donate 10% of their yearly profits to social work. The whale built here in Emeryville was inspired by the whales that come through the SF bay from time to time. The whale has many openings including the mouth so that kids can play inside the whale. The inside is painted pink to give a feeling of being inside a real whale. Monstrum paints small bonuses inside of their work, this whale has a shrimp painted on the wall. The best part about this whale is you won’t have to tell your kids to not climb on it. This is made to be climbed on! Once you have ventured inside you can climb to the top of the whale and slide down. There are surfboards on springs so kids can pretend to surf. There are white poles with ropes to climb on. There is also a snail slide for smaller children. This park is a must see! For more information on this park click HERE!

  • Cost: Free
  • Dog Friendly: Yes
  • Shaded: No, but there are trees which will grow to provide shade in the future.
  • Parking: Limited Street
  • Bathrooms: No