The Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose is located at 180 Woz Way, San Jose, CA 95110 This is a 52,000 sq.ft. building with hands on interactive experiments geared towards young children. The museum expands another half acre outside where children can learn about nature, animals and gardening. There are so many exhibits at this museum including a mammoth discovery, art gallery, bubble room, water tables, a big city streets environment, and much more! I highly recommend the bubble room and water tables for younger children, my boys stayed busy at these exhibits for hours.  The museum is a great place to take children when it is raining and you can’t play outside or they’re on break from school. For more information please visit their website for pricing and membership options HERE!

  • Cost: Please visit website
  • Shaded: Museum is indoors and outdoor (not shaded)
  • Dog Friendly: No pets inside the museum
  • Parking: See website Parking information here
  • Bathrooms: Yes