Arcturus Park is located on Arcturus Circle, Foster City, CA, 94404 This is a brand new playground that just opened in February 2020. This is a SPEC and BCI Burke Playground, which is one of four new playgrounds of theirs in Foster City in 2020. The other similarly exciting playgrounds done by SPEC and BCI Burke are Killdeer, Farragut, Edgewater, and Erckenbrack. These playgrounds are all in close proximity to one another. We recommend visiting them all! Arcturus Playground is tucked in a quiet court with beautiful grassy knolls.  This playground offers many climbing apparatuses which are important in decision making and core strength. There is a set of baby swings, big kid swings, and a two-person swing.  There is a slide, which is essential to any park, and noisemaker installments that sound like rain.

  • Ages: Baby swings and low noise maker installments. Playground more geared towards 3 and up.
  • Parking: Limited street parking
  • Bathrooms: No
  • Shaded: There are shades above the play structure but not over the swings.
  • Dog-Friendly: Yes, leashed.