About Us - Why We Decided To Make This Site

Times have changed.  Kids don’t get outside enough and although technology has given so much to my, as well as, the upcoming generation, I began to see that it could be a double-edged sword. Too much tech and not enough physical activity was limiting their character development in social skills and analytical thinking for problem solving.  After taking my two boys to the various parks I began to notice an increase in confidence in their learning abilities.  They were accelerating in technical areas and basic learning at a quicker rate than they were before we started frequenting the parks.  When they played, they were also left to themselves to make decisions.  Decisions that had consequences of failing with possible physical injury.

They learned that failing was a gateway to success.  They would try again but in a different way.  In succeeding, their confidence grew.  They learned that failing wasn’t when you quit but when you doubled down and solved the problem.  They learned how to work together; they learned teamwork.  The learned to wait their turn, be courteous and how to occasionally help others and improve their communication skills.  I never thought taking my kids to the park could be so important.

We developed this site, choosing particular parks, in hopes that it could help others to experience the same results with their children that we’ve seen.  We believe that this approach may help them to excel in their lives as adults.   If you want your kids to learn to be productive, confident adults, take them to a park.  Don’t be a helicopter parent.  Be their Wingman.